In spring of 2015, the administrative staff was cleaning and found some old report cards from Chatham Training School. From that find, I learned that SAGE Academy lies on the site of the first planned high school for African-Americans in Chatham County during segregation. Since we are a project-based learning school, and I was teaching journalism, I thought uncovering the history of our school would be an interesting project for my students. When our project began, we wanted to learning about the history of SAGE Academy; however, as we began our research, our project took a direction towards the history of Chatham Training School and Chatham High School. Through the help of our principal, Mr. Bobby Dixon, our beginning teacher coach, Mrs. Trudy Walters, and our secretary, Mrs. Tina Martin, we were able to establish contacts with several alumni. My students developed a set of interview questions and interviewed eleven alumni of Chatham Training School and Chatham High School. While we enjoyed learning the history, we enjoyed making connections with the alumni even more. We are truly grateful to them all for their help and support during this process. We hope to continue our research next year as we continue to explore our school’s history and add to our collection.

-Christy Overcash, Media Specialist, SAGE Academy